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The Binary Bootcamp

The Binary Bootcamp brought me in as a consultant to review and to redesign their UX and UI. 



1. This is the current Landing Page for the Binary Bootcamp. Right away I could see there were issues with usability, accessibility, and design. One of my first steps was to perform a usability study. 

The Binary Bootcamp - Usability Study_Pa

2. My usability study found there were issues with the site  that made it difficult to use. Many items were flat with no feedback. In some cases the feedback was erroneous, giving an impression of a button when the object was not a button at all.

UI Color Study_Page_1.png
final colors.JPG

3. My next task was to do a color study and design for the site. I started by looking at other Bootcamp websites to revew and evaluate their color schemes. What worked and what didn't? What messages were the colors sending? I found that a lot of sites looked technical and imposing with dark cool colors. I found the most successful sites used neutral colors with highlights for emphasis.

I designed three possible schemes and we all agreed that the scheme using greys, blue-green, and deep red was the most pleasing and inviting.


4. With my new color scheme chosen, I was asked to finally to design a new direction for their site. Here is my redesign of the landing page. In addition to improved contrast, colors, and usability I also chose different language for buttons and menu items in order to make the site more friendly and relatable. The original menu item labeled "benefits" on the forming page was vague and so I adjusted it to be "Why Choose TBB?"

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