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Design has always been a part of my story. I grew up in the beautiful redwoods of Santa Cruz County where my idea of fun was spending hours drawing house plans, fashion designs, and choosing the perfect color palette for my bedroom. After graduating high school I began studying architecture and design at UC Berkeley and jumped into the design world as fast as I could.


I’ve always loved to travel, so in the year 2000, I decided to move to Dublin, Ireland where I lived and worked as an architect for 6 years and traveled to over 25 countries in my spare time. But soon enough I was feeling homesick, and so I traveled back to the US in 2006,  where I attended grad school at Cal Poly Pomona and worked in design and animation. 


After almost 20 years of working in architecture, it was clear I needed to find my true fit career. In 2019 I began my transition into User Experience Design with the help of Springboard’s UX Career Track program. Now living in Portland I am happily working in my encore career in UX with a real passion for empathy. On the weekends if you want to find me, look to the outdoors where I’m likely paddle-boarding, cycling or hiking.

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